Strategy & Development Policy Directorate
Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus”
Elina's Megalou photo
Dr Elina Megalou
Computer Engineer, Project Manager
Educational Technology Projects
Deputy Director of the "Strategy and Digital Educational Content Directorate"
Computer Technology Institute & Press - Diophantus (CTI)
26-28 Mitropoleos Str., GR-10563, Athens, Greece
tel: +30 210 3350744 mob: +30 6932457270

Elina Megalou received her BSc in computer engineering (1991) and a PhD (2000) in data and knowledge engineering, both from the University of Patras, Greece, Computer Engineering and Informatics Department. She joined the Computer Technology Institute & Press - Diophantus (CTI) in 1988, where she has participated and/or managed several National or EU funded software research and development projects. She is currently the Deputy Director of the "Strategy and Digital Educational Content Directorate” Directorate.

She has been working in the field of educational technology since 1998, having acquired significant expertise in the field of educational software and the pedagogical use of ICT in education. Since 1998 she is a member of the technical advisory team to the Greek Ministry of Education (MoE). She has designed, coordinated and supervised various national large-scale programs for school educational software, among them, the Pleiades program (7.2M€), delivering 70 educational software products and learning activities for primary and secondary education, and the Kirki program (4M€), localizing 22 international educational software products to the Greek educational system.

She initiated and coordinated the EduTubePlus project (EC eContentPlus, 2008-11, 4.6M€), involving 17 partners and aiming to develop a European multilingual curriculum-related video library and hybrid e-services for the pedagogical exploitation of video in class. She is currently a member of the core management team of the “Digital School”, the national large-scale project for ICT in Greek Schools, and she coordinates the development of the Photodentro, the Greek Digital Learning Object Repository (LOR). She is also a member the “Open Discovery Space” (ODS) CIP project team (2012-2015), leading the Open Learning Content WP for aggregating existing educational content to the ODS infrastructure.

Her research interests include Learning Object Repositories, Educational Software tools, Metadata & Standards, Learning Scenario Tools, e-services for schools, use of video in class, Data & Knowledge Engineering.