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Photodentro LOR is the Greek National Learning Object Repository (LOR) for primary and secondary education. It hosts learning objects, which are small, self-contained (semantically and functionally autonomous), reusable units of learning resources, tagged with educational metadata. It is open to everyone, students, teachers, parents, as well as anybody else interested.

Photodentro LOR has been designed and developed by CTI in the context of the “Digital School” large scale program of the Greek Ministry of Education (2010-2015) and it constitutes a core part of the Ministry’s digital infrastructure for educational content for schools.

Photodentro LOR supports browsing, free text search, and faceted search, allowing users to narrow search results by applying multiple filters, such as learning resources type, educational context, etc.

Photodentro LOR currently hosts more than 4,000 learning objects, organized in thematic or other collections. Most of them have been developed by around 120 qualified teachers, in ten domain-specific workgroups, in the process of enriching Greek textbooks with digital interactive resources. Each group operated under the supervision of a coordinator, an academic with significant domain and pedagogical expertise, to ensure quality. In an attempt to make the most of previous publicly funded projects, the next population phase of Photodentro LOR focuses on open learning objects that can be extracted from existing educational software and learning scenarios developed during the last decade.

Almost all learning objects are “click-and-play”, i.e. they can be directly reproduced in web browsers. Regarding their type, they include explorations and inquiry-oriented activities, dynamic simulations and experiments, educational games, presentations, interactive exercises, interactive maps as well as simple learning assets.

Photodentro LOR implements the Greek National Strategy for educational content, which –among others- promotes the use of open educational resources (OER) for schools. All learning resources are freely available to everyone under the Creative Commons’ Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

Photodentro LOR name has been carefully selected to convey the message of what Photodentro is: a repository that contains “knowledge”; it is alive and grows like trees (in contrary to archives); and it is Greek. The word “Photodentro” means “Light Tree”, and it is taken from the title of the poetry collection “The Light Tree and the Fourteenth Beauty” (1971) of the greek Nobel prize winner Odysseas Elytis.

Photodentro LOR represents a large scale effort at a national level; it is however only one component of the Photodentro infrastructure that is being implemented to support digital learning resources in primary and secondary education in Greece.

Photodentro LOR (photodentro.edu.gr/lor) is the first repository in the Photodentro educational repository ecosystem, which also includes the Photodentro EduVideo (photodentro.edu.gr/video), hosting short-length educational videos, and the Photodentro e-yliko, supporting user-generated content (photodentro.edu.gr/ugc).

The Greek National Aggregator of Educational Content “Photodentro”, currently under development, will accumulate descriptions of learning resources (metadata) form all Photodentro repositories, as well as from digital collections of organizations like museums, audiovisual archives, etc., allowing users search for learning resources in a uniform way, while providing a single access point to digital educational content for Greek schools.

Photodentro will also be linked to the Digital Educational Platform “e-me”, thus facilitating teachers and pupils in utilizing learning resources and incorporating them within learning scenarios and courses.

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